Photography of Police dismantling Occupy Oakland


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Here is a link to Tuesday’s protest for Occupy Oakland, the day after this occurred.


Photography of Police dismantling Occupy Oaklandjean-philippe

112 comments on "Photography of Police dismantling Occupy Oakland"

  1. I primarily agree with Eyesopen and Sharan. The occupiers have no purpose other than camping out and trashing the place. They have no patriotism and do not respect the constitution an other people’s rights or they would not try to trash the places. The quickest way to rid the place of them would be to offer a job to them and over half would not show up the first day and the other half would be still occupying the places.

  2. Great piece of photo-journalism, JP; hopefully you came back home without bruises that night!:)

  3. It looks like a peaceful protest act , i have seen this act, there was nothing serious faults.

  4. I can’t say who’s right and wrong in this picture as iv’e not actually seen it.
    All i can say that protesters have their right to show what they feel but not to the extent of violating the rules of the law.
    On the governments side, law enforcers should not use excessive force if not necessary.

  5. AWESOME photo-journalism, We Need More Like This

  6. Like most things in Oakland, this was overdone!

  7. Don’t you just dislike conflict. I mean all the wasted energy….

  8. Love photos. Where I can find better resolution?

  9. You should have shot the similar events during the elections in Belarus this december, cause your photos are alive and discover the character of an event

  10. Thanks for the post, your footage is great, we (Bristol, UK) experienced similar protests recently with some heavy handed police intervention, protests always have the potential to get out of hand, thanks for sharing your images.

  11. Very powerful images. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for documenting this moment in history. It’s important that we never forget these events.

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